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Heading towards well-being societies in Europe

Well-being societies are those that prioritise the well-being of their citizens over economic growth and profit. According to the World Health Organization, well-being is a positive state experienced by individuals and societies, determined by social, economic, and environmental conditions. It encompasses quality of life and the ability of people and societies to contribute to the world with a sense of meaning and purpose. To deliver well-being societies, the 2021 Geneva Charter for Well-being by the United Nations Organization (UNO) calls for investments in planetary, societal, community, and individual health and well-being. In parallel adjustments are needed to social structures to help people take charge of their lives and health, and a reorientation of societal attitudes and actions in a fundamental way that aligns with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

During this webinar, featuring stakeholders from across the societal spectrum, we will explore the fundamentals of a well-being society, and hear from a range of international actors putting well-being at the forefront of their policies. 



Start: 14 March 2024
12:00 (UTC/GMT +01:00 - Europe / Brussels)
End: 14 March 2024
13:30 (UTC/GMT +01:00 - Europe / Brussels)
European Health Forum Gastein

Online event

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